Establish Independent Learning in Advanced Writing with Mr. D Math

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Establish Independent Learning in
Advanced Writing with
Mr. D Math

How am I supposed to teach Advanced Writing?...

Aloha Homeschooling Ohana (Family)!

Iʻm not sure about you, but I for one am so thankful to have the internet, a public library, on demand movies, and yes social media. The plethora of resources we have at our fingers has made homeschooling all that more attainable for our families. When people ask me how I do “it” (homeschool, that is). I always find myself sharing about the limitless resources we have that can suite any familyʻs particular wants and needs. But, in the end it boils down to the quality of the resources you chose, which leads me to the main reason Iʻm reaching out to you.

Today Iʻm here to reveal an impressive homeschooling resource that has recently become an indispensable tool on our homeschool path. This particular resource addresses the area of writing. Why an Advanced Writing class you might ask? Well, for some of us (such as myself) it can be challenging to teach writing when we start getting into the High school and beyond levels. Up until this point (ages 4- 14 yrs.)  itʻs been relatively straight forward.

I have my girls read (a lot) and do journal entries with illustrations. We discuss whatʻs happening in their books and talk about main characters, story lines, and plot twists. We discuss how stories have a beginning, middle, and end. They sometimes do reports and short stories. You know the basics. Then theres the workbooks on nouns, verbs, adjectives, and how to properly address an envelope. Again, basics, no fuss!

Sheʻs going to be a Freshman!! Now What? Advanced Writing, thatʻs what...

Iʻm not sure if you can hear or read the sentiment in my voice, but to be perfectly honest. Iʻm freaking out! I donʻt know why, but I am. Itʻs probably because Iʻve never homeschooled a High Schooler before. My older daughter was accepted into a private school for her Freshman year, so this is uncharted territory for me. 

 I knew I needed to step-up my homeschooling game, and I wanted to do it quickly, but didnʻt quite know how. Thankfully, the wonderful teachers and curriculum creators at Mr. D Math provided the solution I was so desperately searching for. In fact, my daughter has begun to take more of her education into her own hands; thanks in large part to Mr. D Math.

*Disclaimer ~ This daughter has also tested and interviewed for the same private school as her older sister. This however doesnʻt change the fact that if she is not accepted we would still be homeschooling. With that said, if she is accepted she will have the benefit of getting a jump start into the intricate world of high school and college level writing. Something that I am thankful for, and Iʻm sure she will be (in time) too.

Whatʻs in a name? Donʻt let that fool you...

Wait a minute! What does math have to do with writing? Hehehe! I knew you were going to ask that. Well, hereʻs the thing; Mr. D Math offers way more than just math courses. In fact if you want a quick peek at Mr. D Mathʻs course catalog just click on the image below. Not to worry, Iʻll be here to share all about our writing journey when you get back.

If you took a peek and now youʻre back, awesome! Welcome back! If not, thatʻs cool too! Thanks for sticking with me. Either way Iʻm here to share with you some of the inʻs and outʻs of this superb Advanced Writing class. 

Letʻs start with the support, because if you have had any experience with online curriculum and learning platforms, you know that teacher support, tech support, all support is crucial. So far, we havenʻt had to ask for any assistance. However, if we did we wouldnʻt have to go hunting for it. 

Mr. D has made it very easy to ask question at any time while in your online class. Their well placed icons and clear instructions make connecting with them super simple. You can also ask questions and leave comments at various points through out the course. Like for example, your current lesson screen. You wonʻt even have to navigate away from your lesson. This is a wonderful time saver, if I may say so. They also provide you with a specific time frame in which they will respond. Again, Iʻm sure you have experienced you fair share of support-grief, so the benefit of having great support can make all the difference.

Click on the image above to learn more!

Tiny details can and do make a difference...

Another small but huge thing that I find super awesome about the Mr. D Math learning platform is the ability to use special characters in your name. Yes! I am truly thankful. Why you might wonder? Well my daughter, in fact all four of my daughters have Hawaiian first names. My daughter that is using this curriculum happens to have an ‘ōkina, sometimes referred to as a glottal stop in her name. Without this ‘ōkina her name is literally spelled incorrectly and actually if we get super technical, itʻs not her legal name without it. Again, a small matter to most, but a huge delight for those of us with Native Hawaiian names. 

Okay, now that Iʻve shared a bit of Hawaiian language grammar with you, letʻs get back to the real reason Iʻm here, because itʻs the same reason you are! 

We want to encourage and guide our keiki (child/children) in their education journey, of course! We want them to learn to write properly, while using correct grammar, as well as being able to identify all the intricate parts of a sentence. Yes! Teaching your child Advanced Writing skills is possible in your homeschool even if you donʻt have a college degree in English, Literary Arts, or any other subject for that matter. 

In our technology driven world itʻs important for our children to develop and utilize their independent online learning skillset. Donʻt get me wrong I am a staunch advocate for real books, climbing trees, and board games, however I know how useful independent online learning can be. In fact I learned about blogging and how to blog from an online course. Itʻs because of that knowledge that Iʻm able to be here today, and encourage you on your homeschool journey. 

Gosh, I feel like I keep straying off-topic. I do apologize, it might be that Iʻm currently running at full speed, with a caffeine deficiency. Anyways, where were we? Yes! Writing! But not just any writing, Iʻm talking that crazy world of conjunctives, predicates, subordinate clauses. You know the stuff that takes writing to a whole other level. Thatʻs why itʻs called “Advanced Writing”. Itʻs basically preparing them for college level classes. Itʻs one thing to learn this in college, but another to try and teach it. Thankfully, Iʻve got help from Mr. D Math, and a new meditaion pillow, so Iʻm feeling a lot less stressed.

It may seem daunting, but wait there is HELP!…

How am I supposed help my daughter? I donʻt even recall a lot of it. Again, the basics, yes. This stuff, NO! Those were some of the thoughts I had running rampant in my brain as the we rounded the corner into a new year. Thankfully the Advanced Writing class that my daughter is currently enrolled in helps to easy my anxiety and boost her writing skills, not to mention her independent online learning skills as well. They have it all in hand and literally at your childʻs/childrenʻs finger tips.  

Regardless of the online platform you will still need a few books and school supplies. You will also be doing a lot of printing, so, a readily available printer is most helpful. The rest of the supplies are pretty standard. Which makes it much easier for me, in that I donʻt need to go hunting for some elusive art supply, you know the one that you can only find online, and then come to find out they canʻt ship it to you. Not sure if you experience these types of hiccups, but living in Hawaiʻi itʻs a pretty common thing. 

Following are some pics of the supplies and books we are using. They provide a detailed supplies/resources list in their class syllabus which my daughter printed out and placed in her binder. Yes! this is the real deal, I said “syllabus”….LOL!

Easy to acquire resources and supplies!

Our 2 resource books
Alphabetical inserts for one of the binders
Topic inserts for the other binder along with sheet protectors
Binders with my daughters notebook (she chose the notebook)

But, wait!, there is more help to be had. They also include videos for us parents. They know we have questions, and Mr. D Math wants to make sure that your homeschooling efforts are supported to the best of their ability. In addition to video tutorials, they also offer live online classes and live support. In some regions they even have Math Co-ops that you can join. Howʻs that for support!


~ Mr. D
Advanced Writing

Since starting our homeschool I have dabbled in various online learning programs, so Iʻm not completely inexperienced when it comes to this stuff. However, the one thing that I didnʻt care for was trying to structure the work out into a manageable schedule for my keiki.

Thankfully, that is not the case with this program. My daughter can move at her own pace, but there is still a structured schedule for her to follow. This is super amazing for a busy on the go family like ours. We can see her progress right from the easily accessible dashboard which allows her to pick-up where she left-off without having to hunt for her place in a lesson. 

With a full “academic” year of curriculum planned out we are also able to see what to expect and how best to prepare. So, far my daughter has not experienced too much confusion, and seems to be enjoying doing things at her own pace. I think I forgot to mention that writing is not my daughterʻs favorite subject. The fact that she is not fighting me on this, nor whining and complaining, is a blessing in and of itself. Yes, my quiet, introverted teenager has a particular way of opposing me when she chooses. Thatʻs teenagers for you…LOL!!!

The Colorful blocks represent the individual weeks. Each module contains all the lessons, printouts, and videos for that week. Click on the image to find out more!!

One of the biggest benefits for this particular daughter in regards to this program is her ability to pause a lesson, and replay any part that she wants to watch again. Over the years we found that she is quite sensitive in the audio department and gets easily overwhelmed when there are too many sounds. No, problem though since she can move freely on the laptop and use earphones. Her focus deepens and we avoid tears from sensory overload. 

Like most homeschooling families we try different methods, curriculums, and styles, trying to find what works best for our keiki. Iʻm happy to say that this Advanced Writing class from Mr. D Math is proving to be a wonderful resource for our homeschool right now and for the foreseeable future!

Iʻm even considering enrolling my non-homeschooled daughter into the Self-paced Geometry class. Come to think of it, this could be used as a summer school or tutoring resource as well for those with keiki not in homeschool. Now thatʻs versatile. 

If, you still havenʻt check out all that Mr. D Math has to offer, please take this opportunity before you leave to click here and take a look around. I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised, like I was at the variety of courses  Mr. D Math has to offer.

Until next time! Aloha & Blessings on your homeschool journey!