Wishlist for Homeschooling Materials

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I wishlist I may, I wishlist I might…

Every so often (especially right before the start of our homeschooling year) I decide to “shop” on Amazon to see if there is anything I might want to implement during our coming year. I’m not sure if anyone else does this, but I have a specific “Homeschooling Wishlist”.

As I scroll down the pages of Amazon I start clicking items to add to my wish list. Sometimes I add them to my cart if I really think it’s something I’ll use. Then, I end up going to my cart and saving the item(s) for later.

I’ve done this since I started homeschooling in 2015. What is funny is going into my wishlist and realizing all the things I thought I needed. Comparing it to what I actually used has given me 20/20 hindsight into what is truly necessary to teach my keiki.

Don’t get me wrong. Finding awesome things for homeschooling on the web on a whole has been a lifesaver. And I have purchased plenty of materials for homeschool on the web. I guess the lesson that I keep learning is to keep what works and chuck the rest. Amazon is also my go-to for resource books since it can be nearly impossible to find a bookstore here that sells them at a reasonable price. I purchased the products below to implement for Earth Science this year after I was unable to find something on island.


Item purchased from wishlist
(Affiliate link) **An awesome little book that my daughter can take anywhere! Like the beach!


Item purchased from wishlist
(Affiliate link) ** We will use these for her Earth Science subject. I’m custom building the curriculum and implementing the Notebooking Pages technique.


Finding time to weed-out the wishlist…

The other side of adding to my ongoing wishlist is the cleansing portion. I’m not very good at this, however, it must be done or I would have an endless scroll of stuff. My general rule when reviewing my list is that if I haven’t purchased the item in a year it’s gone. There are exceptions, however, for example, if the item is something I’m still planning on utilizing in the future; then it stays.

Another thing I find useful about list cleaning is being able to watch how the prices fluctuate. Especially for an item that is on the pricer side. I also like having my list to comparison shop since the price is not the only determining factor. The reviews on Amazon have been very useful as I continue to navigate our homeschooling ocean.

Now that I’ve completed that task I have more room to “shop” for the remainder of our school year…lol! Come to think of it, I’m definitely a list-gal. Having a list helps me to remember, while not actually having to remember. I think that makes sense. Well, that’s all, for now, ladies and gentleman. As always aloha and blessings on your journey!!love

** On a side note I’m thinking about making my Homeschooling wishlist public. Any thoughts? Not sure if it’s possible or even wise. Either way, just thinking out loud. Please feel free to leave me a comment below on your thoughts!