I Found the Ultimate Ancient History Project Based Curriculum

I Found the Ultimate Ancient History Project Based Curriculum

Disclaimer – I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are honest, and I was not required to post a positive review.

An Overview of Project Passport: Ancient Greece...

Aloha & Welcome fellow Homeschoolers!!

I’m here today to share about a most exciting adventure. It all began long, long, ago in a country approximately 8300 miles from our homeland, Hawaiʻi. However, before I get too ahead of myself I’d like to send a big MAHALO! (this means “Thank you” in Hawaiian) to our travel coordinators at Home School in the Woods. Their attention to detail and wonderful guidance through Ancient Greece has not only been educational, but uniquely engaging.

As you may have already guessed for yourselves, we didn’t really travel back in time. We did however have a guided tour of Ancient Greece through Home School in the Woods’ Project Passport: Ancient Greece. When I use the word project, it should actually be plural since this project based curriculum is overflowing with so many captivating activities and resources.

I remember covering the 7 wonders of the Ancient World a couple of years back as part of our history lessons. However, my ancient history lesson wouldʻve been even better with all that this project based curriculum has to offer. 

In all honesty history has been a bit of a weak point in our homeschooling. Itʻs not that I donʻt deem it an important subject. Itʻs just that between piano lessons, Kumon, normal family errands, oh and donʻt forget raising three lively girls, it would always seem to get lost in the shuffle. 

Iʻve used history workbooks, and have tried various Ipad apps and online curriculum, but there always seemed to be something that didnʻt really work for us.

I feel that this project based curriculum is exactly what we needed. My younger daughter can work independently on her various tasks, which is wonderful when Iʻm helping my other daughter tackel pre-algebra. 

Home School in the Woodsʻ Project Passport has truely brought Ancient Greece to life for my younger daughter. Through their hands-on projects and easy to read fact-filled texts she is able to exercise her skills as an independent learner. I am so glad that we chose this curriculum and canʻt wait to aquire the rest of their project based curriculum on World History and beyond.

I used page protectors to keep all the printed materials together and on hand in my daughter's Scrapbook of Sights Binder. Each sheet protector held all the printed pages for the various projects.

What came with our Project Passport: Ancient Greece Download...

We received a digital download that included a direct link to the online platform for Project Passport: Ancient Greece. I was able to successfully download the file that was emailed to me, onto my laptop. Downloading files can sometimes be a challenge for me since we live in rural Hawai’i. This key feature actually determines whether or not we will use a particular program or curriculum.

The downloaded files were full of helpful pictures that showed examples of how to construct the various projects. These files also provide the printable pages that you will need to set-up a complete “Teaching folder”. I found the one about lapbooking the most helpful since we’ve never done lapbooking in our homeschool. 

This project based curriculum also comes with eight (8) mp3 audio files which share engaging narratives about the various places and events of Ancient Greece. There by enriching your keiki’s learning experience even more.

The direct link to the online platform is my favorite feature thus far. I love being able to access and print the necessary pages when we need them; and in the event of a lost or damaged page I can easily reprint from their online platform.

Having a digital format also allows you to easily customize your project based lessons to suit the needs of your keiki (child/children). So you can decide which “Stops” you want to cover or not. 

Additional supplies....

We did have to purchase the card stock paper since itʻs not a supply we keep on hand, as well as the 3 prong folder. All items were easily aquired at our local Walmart. Thankfully I keep binders at the ready so I didn’t have to purchase more of those. 

If you don’t have a printer I would strongly recommend purchasing one before approching this project since you will be doing a lot of printing. I’ve actually considered purchasing a more ink efficient printer since I seem to run out of ink quite often. 

There was also the crafting knife for some of the projects that you would have to purchase, unless you have one on hand, like I do. All in all the most expensive materials we’ve had to purchase has been the printer ink, everything else was reasonable. Check out the detailed list below for more information on often used materials.

List of often used items

  • white printer paper
  • colored printer paper
  • white card stock
  • colored card stock
  • glue sticks
  • liquid glue
  • double-sided tape
  • colored file folders
  • acetate, or acetate alternative
  • lamination machine & sheets
  • 1&1/2 inch to 2 inch 3-ring binder (per child)
  •  large 3-ring binder for the teacher
  • colored pencils
  • short paper fasteners
  • 3-prong folders
  • crafting knife
  • page protectors
  •  corrugated cardboard (a discarded shipping box will do to cut up as needed)

The Project Passport World History Studies...

Home School in the Woods currently provides a total of 5 different study units in their Project Passport series.

You can purchase them individually or as a 5 set bundle.

  • Project Passport: Ancient Egypt
  •  Project Passport: Ancient Greece
  • Project Passport: Ancient Rome
  • Project Passport: The Middle Ages
  • Project Passport: Renaissance & Reformation

Project types....

Each Project Passport comes equip with 25 “Stops” a.k.a. lessons that provide anywhere from three (3) to nine (9) hands-on projects.

 They do however encourage you to do what works for your homeschool and your keiki, so you are free to pick and choose what projects you want to incorporate.

Here is a list of the variety of projects to choose from.

  • Scrabook of Sights
  • Lap Booking
  • Snapshot of Moments
  • Postcard creation
  • Audio Tours
  • Active Participation
  • Newspaper articles
  • Games
  • Edible Projects
  • 3-D Dimensional Projects

Letʻs take a closer look at theTravel Planner Itinerary...

There are two (2) types of Travel Planners that are supplied for this project based curriculum. The first is a “Quick Stop Itinerary” which is basically a summary of the various projects you will be working on. The brief yet helpful list of topics that “Stop” will be teaching and the handy icons are perfect to get a basic idea of whatʻs coming up.

Then there is the “Detailed” Travel Itinerary. This is where you will spend most of your time while working in the various “Stops” since this is where they lay out all the information. There is a list of the specific supplies you will need, including the page numbers you will need to print for that task. In addition to the supply list, this is where you will also find your detailed instructions along with colored pictures on how your keiki will create their various projects.

Each “Stop” is further organized and numbered in bold letters according to the specific project. If you look to the right of the bold lettered title you will also find various icons that tell you about the kind of project you will be working on. There is a “Key of codes” listed on the “Travel Tips” page that you can refer to till you become aquainted with the meanings of the various icons. 

Just an F.Y.I. ....

Our first stop was a big one with a ton of prep-work, but that helped to set us up for the remainder of the project. It’s all explained in detail and broken down into manageable tasks, so you are able to work on things at your own pace. 

Here are some of my daughter’s pre-travel projects. She asked to see my passport, which was a great idea to give her a real life example. Iʻm so proud of her!! Although itʻs optional I would highly encourage adding your keikiʻs picture to their passport book. It definitely adds to the authenticity and fun of their project.

Drama free Ancient History lessons for Mama…I meant my keiki….LOL!

I’m new to project based curriculum, so I have been on a bit of a learning curve. Nonetheless it has been a joy to be able to grab my Teacher’s or what I like to call a “Mama binder” and have clear, detailed instructions and engaging projects right at my finger tips. 

This curriculum is perfect for elementary aged keiki and since my daughter is old enough to safely use scissors and glue independently, she did a lot of the prep-work herself. Depending on the age of your keiki you can also have them help with prepping for the upcoming travel stops. If not, then you will have to make time to do the prep before your lesson. 

Although she did a lot of work herself, I found that my involvement (when using the crafting knife) was still necessary. I enjoy crafts and language arts and found myself tapping into that thanks to Home School in the Woods’ wonderful “Project Passport: Ancient Greece” curriculum.

Just for fun we also watched a documentary about Ancient Greek Inventors and saw how their inventions still help us today. I mention this last part because the video was not on the resource list provided by Home School in the Woods. Nonetheless I was able to easily integrate it into our lesson. 

The ability to dive deeper into a subject matter that peaks your keikiʻs interests is another reason I why I believe that this is the ultimate ancient history curriculum for elementary aged keiki. This project based curriculum can also easily accompany your pre-existing Ancient History lessons as well. 


Our Summer with Project Passport: Ancient Greece…

My 9 year old and I have been working at a leisurely pace as it is currently summer break and our normal routine is comprised of our favorite summer program and a lot of fun in the sun. However, once the girls’ summer programs end (in the middle of July) we experience a bit of a learning lag (especially my 9 year old) before our actual homeschool year starts up again in August. 

I’m thankful that my daughter has been able to work on the “Project Passport: Ancient Greece” lessons during the summer. We still have numerous “Stops” to visit and canʻt wait to see the end results. 

My daughter really enjoyed working on the family tree for “Hellen & Sons” (her first component of her lapbook) and mentioned that her favorite activity aside from the family tree has been working on the various post cards. She takes great care in reading the post card then creating her drawing. I love how she shares and explains what everything is and the reasons behind her drawings. Every “Stop” has a unique set of tasks that help to keep lessons fresh and exciting. 

To be honest, it’s a relief that I don’t have to purchase a separate curriculum for history or do a lesson plan just yet. In fact I will most likely continue on with the rest of Home School in the Woodsʻ “Project Passport” series once we finish with Ancient Greece; as well as their other resources in our upcoming 2019-2020 school year. 

This may actually become a part of our normal summer routine. Iʻll try to remember to update this next summer to let you know how we got on. However, if you are in need of a dynamic project based curriculum right now, I whole-heartedly encourage you to click the link and visit Home School in the Woods

Some of the Benefits of

“Project Passport: Ancient Greece” 

  • Prepared lessons and materials
  • Easily accessible downloaded files
  • Online platform access
  • Self paced
  • Helps your keiki become an independent learner
  • Fully customizable and flexible lessons
  • Additional supplies were cost effective and easy to find
  • Digital format (no need to store bulky workbooks)
  • Organizing child’s work is neat and easy in a 3-ring binder

Win The Entire Collection of Project Passport & Time Traveler...

If you are still on the fence about any of Home School in the Woods’ resources you could always Enter to Win THE ENTIRE COLLECTION of Project Passport (5 total) and the Time Traveler (7 total) products for FREE!  There’s nothing to lose and so much FREE STUFF to gain!! For details on how to enter check out the information below! Best of luck!!

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Lava Mama's top 5 Project Passport tips…

*Tip #1 – Prepare your “Teacher binder” ahead of your anticipated start date. I encourage you to print out all your introduction and travel instructions along with he additional resource page. Also, be sure to print out the “Quick stop itinerary” pages and the “Detailed Travel Itinerary” for several if not ALL the anticipated stops. You could also use this time to decide if you will be using the curriculum in it’s entirety or customizing.

*Tip #2 – Be sure to have the necessary supplies before you begin. You may not be able to complete your various projects without them. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience…LOL!!

*Tip #3 – You might want to utilize a file or crate system to organize your papers if you decide to pre-print majority or all of the project pages.

*Tip #4 – I’ve used page protectors to organize the various print-outs we need on hand. It’s really convenient and keeps the materials on hand for my daughter right in her student binder. I also use the page protectors in my binder as well as subject divider tabs.

*Tip #5 – With so many activities per stop you may want to highlight the main tasks that your keiki needs to complete or that you are selecting just to keep track. When we first started things got a little lost in the shuffle. However, I believe it also has a lot to do with learning curve.

Until next time...

Well friends, that’s the latest and greatest happenings in our homeschool world. I hope your summer has been awesome thus far and I hope you have a chance to experience Home School in the Woods’ sensational project based curriculum. 

P.S. – As I write this post we are currently sitting in the middle of hurricane season here in Hawai’i and are actively watching two systems as they approach the Big Island. I may be stressing about a lot of things, but our project based Ancient History curriculum isn’t one of them! Don’t forget to check out the free giveaway below.

Aloha & Blessings on you homeschooling journey!

Aloha & Blessings

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