End of Homeschool Year~Annual Reporting

The who, what, when, where, and how of Annual Reporting...

Aloha Everyone!

This post was inspired by a new “Homeschool Mama” acquaintence that I met at a recent playdate at the Pana’ewa Zoo. It was one of the few times I purposefully set out to link up with other Homeschoolers (I know and I’m working on that part).

Anyways, conversations were flowing about various you guessed it homeschooling/Mama topics and the topic of annual reporting came up.

For some Mamas it’s not an issue because they come under what is called an “umbrella school” This is a school that basically (from my understanding) does majority if not all the administrative functions for you (e.g. report cards, attendance, etc.) They usually have their own curriculum or allow parents to choose.

The solution I shared was to administer a “nationally standardized test” at the end of your homeschooling year. The reason for this was to kill two birds with one stone. First to meeting the D.O.E.’s requirements and second to have for your own records. This helps me to see where my keiki are doing well and where they need extra help. 

Mind you I only test once a year. I don’t believe in testing my keiki too much because I feel it sets the precedent that they need to learn how to read and write and such just to do well on tests. This year, however, I will be doing a middle of the year test to help me gauge the effectiveness of a new curriculum we are using.

What do I do if I don’t have an umbrella?

Dance & Play in the rain of course…lol! I couldn’t resist.

For those of us who don’t use an umbrella school we have other Hawai’i D.O.E.(Dept. of Education) approved means of accomplishing this requirement. The information below was copied from the Hawai’i D.O.E.’s website. My blog post regarding Hawai’i Department of Education requirements may also help you on your journey.

What are appropriate methods to demonstrate my child’s satisfactory progress?

A score on a nationally-normed standardized achievement test, which demonstrates grade level achievement appropriate to a child’s age; progress on a nationally-normed standardized achievement test that is equivalent to one grade level per calendar year, even if the overall achievement falls short of grade level standards; a written evaluation by a person certified to teach in the State of Hawaii that a child demonstrates appropriate grade level achievement or significant annual advancement commensurate with a child’s abilities; or a written evaluation by the parent which shall include a description of the child’s progress in each subject area included in the child’s curriculum, representative samples of the child’s work, and representative tests and assignments including grades for courses if grades are given.

Hawai’i Dept. of Education~Website

Who, Where, and When do I submit my reports to?

In my experience thus far our annual reporting has been easy. I haven’t run into any real problems.

However, this may also depend on the school in which you have to submit the reports to. That would be the same school you submitted your Letter of Intent -OR- 4140 form to. (*Reminder~ If you move to a different neighborhood after starting homeschool be sure to check with the schools near you about which district you are in and which school to report to)

The first two years I walked into the school’s office and hand delivered my reports. But for this past school year (2017-2018) I just mailed it “certified mail”.

As far as timing goes, I’ve always just figured sometime after the end of one school year and the before the beginning of the next was sufficient. After three years I haven’t been told otherwise. 


My method of How...

In the beginning I thought about doing the portfolio for my reporting, but decided to go with the standarized testing instead. It has worked well so far. The only hiccup I had this year, which was entirely my fault, was that the normal tests I use was not available for my two older girls due to it being out-of-stock. There was however an easy solution, I just chose a different test. 

Seton Testing Services is the company I’ve used for the past three years and they have been a wonderful resource for our testing needs. 

Well ladies and gentlemen that concludes this post. Please feel free to ask questions in the comment section. Until next time! Aloha & Blessings on your journey!