Free Typing Lessons for your Homeschool and Beyond

Free Typing Lessons for your
Homeschooler & Beyond

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Aloha fellow Homeschoolers!!

Wow, it has been a trying couple of months! I’m pretty sure you know exactly what Iʻm referring to. Yes, Iʻm gonna say it…. the Covid-19 pandemic. Not sure about you and your ohana (family) but we have surely been thrown for a loop.

Our regular visits to the library ceased to exists, until just recently but still not the same. Not to mention the beaches, parks and our only zoo were closed. For keiki (children) who arenʻt accustomed to sitting in rooms, let alone staying still all day it was my girlsʻ worst nightmare. 

I did what I could to keep them occupied around the house. Unfortunately, screen time eventually became their go-to choice of recreation. I had to make concessions, or possibly face a mutiny, LOL! Therefore, I began downloading more educational APPs on our iPad and Laptop. Purchasing more art supplies and board games. I even ordered more seeds for our garden. Regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic I am determined to fit learning into our lock down, social distancing days.

Why it’s important for kids to learn to type by touch....

While hunting for more online teaching resources I was reminded about a free online typing resource called TYPE DOJO. If I remember correctly, it was one of the first online programs we ever used. We introduced our girls to the useful skill of typing by touch through TYPE DOJO. The way things are going now, more and more education and work will be done remotely via computer. Therefore, making typing by touch an indispensable skill to master. I still require my keiki to practice writing in cursive. However, if they donʻt learn to type by touch I fear a great deal of tasks will become more daunting for them in the very near future. 

Free typing lessons anyone?

I’m super excited to re-introduce TYPE DOJO to my youngest daughter who is 10 years old now. She was really young (5 maybe 6 yrs. old) when I first began using TYPE DOJO with her older sisters. At the time her little hands and fingers were still learning to control a pencil. Therefore, I didnʻt want to overwhelm her with typing. But, now sheʻs a bit older and her hands are stronger from years of piano lessons. I am confident that with the help of TYPE DOJO she will take to typing like a fish to water. 

In addition to TYPE DOJO I would also like to mention another site that offers FREE TYPING GAMES called KIDZ TYPE. You can access it through the TYPE DOJO menu bar which I find is super helpful. Since we are starting anew with my youngest I decided that she should give them both a try to see which she preferres. I set-up a profile for her on TYPE DOJO then had her sign-in and start her lessons. Sign-up was a breeze so I was able to get everything set-up in less than 10 minutes.

And so her typing lessons begin....

When my daughter first signed-on I decided not to give her any guidance or pointers on navigating her online typing lessons. I just sat quietly so that I could observe her ability to find her lessons. I was curious to see how long it would take her to find the lessons. How distracted or engaged she might be; and ultimately which she preferred. My thinking was that if she was allowed to choose her online learning environment she would be more inclined to practice typing. Another important element for me was to see how user-friendly each platform would be to a newcomer.

User-friendliness alongside educational content is a huge factor for me when selecting online learning resources. If I find that my keiki (child/children) is getting frustrated or confused I try to let them figure things out for themselves. However, this doesn’t mean that I will watch them suffer through a lesson due to an un-friendly user platform or poorly organized content. Been there, done that, no thank you!

Thankfully, that is not the case with either the TYPE DOJO or the KIDZ TYPE online touch typing lessons. I’m thrilled to report that my daughter currently uses and enjoys the various typing modules on the TYPE DOJO website and the awesome typing games on the KIDZ TYPE website. 

The ability for the learner to chose what works for them is one of the many perks of Homeschooling. Wouldn’t you say?  For my daughter we’ve discovered she is a mostly visual learner. So, what does that mean? Well, for starters she learns best when the content is delivered in a visually stimulating and engaging way. It can also mean that too much visual stimuli can cause her to feel overwhelmed. Trust me, the last thing I want is to discourage my daughter before she even gets started. Therefore, I tend to be pretty picky, and if it’s not working we find something else.

As I observed her I could tell right away that she found the TYPE DOJO website engaging enough to grasp her attention yet she wasn’t overly distracted. This allowed her to focus on her tasks. The modules are organized and straight forward which helps us to keep track of her progress and milestones. I’m not trying to make her a professional typist over-night, however if she continues with either or both she will be well on her way to proficiency. 

The duality and joy of typing games...

My daughter loves to play games online so what better way to reinforce what she’s learned than by rewarding her with typing games. That is once she’s completed a 10 to 15 minute practice session in TYPE DOJO. Unlike TYPE DOJO, KIDZ TYPE is full of color and animation and yes a variety of themed typing games (e.g. Ninja vs. Zombies). When my daughter wants to play games online, she can now learn to type as well as play. 

To be honest, I even play the games on KIDZ TYPE myself. They are quite fun even for an adult. Since my youngest is still working her way through the entire keyboard I decided to give the other TYPE DOJO features a test drive. I took the speed typing tests and didn’t even have to sign-in or have an account to see my score. However, if you want to print the results you need an account. I’ve even encouraged her two older sisters to sign themselves up if they need to brush up on their typing skills before school gets back into swing. 

All in all I would highly recommend Type Dojo and Kidz Type to anyone who would like to learn to type by touch or even just to practice. Check out the great infographic below for some quick tips on how to type by touch. I wish you all the best on your homeschool journey. 

Until next time Aloha and Blessings!!