Hawaiian Curriculum Materials Website….Free!

Hawaiian Curriculum and Materials search…..

I’ve tried to be mindful of implementing Hawaiian curriculum into our learning since we began homeschooling. I believe that our unique culture and place based knowledge have so much to offer our keiki. I also enjoy nurturing our connection to the aina. I know that the aina is an important part of who we are as Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian).

I had originally planned to work on a different blog post, but what I found was too awesome not to share immediately.

The other night while I was searching for Hawaiian curriculum ideas I came across a wonderful website. A link is provided below to access the website if you’re interested.

hawaiian haku
My daughter making her first haku without my help:)
hawaiian haku
Proudly wearing her haku

Free Web Access to Lessons…..

The best part is that access to the lessons are free. Yes, you will have to print it yourself, but I believe that is a small price to pay. The Ulukau Hawaiian Electronic Library had at least 30 resource books, some of which I believe could also be purchased.

The topics are majority science based, but there were other topics as well. Most importantly though, was that all lessons were centered around the Hawaiian archipelago. Their lessons also include work sheets for the students and instructions for the teachers. I’ve found that most lessons also specified which grade or age range the materials were suited for. This last part however could easily be scaled to your particular homeschooling goals for your keiki.

As a disclaimer I haven’t had time yet to fully explore the website so there maybe things that I didn’t mention. Please feel free to comment if you find anything else on the website that could be useful to our homeschooling families. I haven’t tried to print anything up either, so I’m not sure how well the print outs will be. I’ll update you once I try it out.

According to Ulukau’s “Terms of Use” page and it states that all material is protected by copyright and that use of materials is for non-commercial purposes only. Until next time, happy homeschooling!!