Notebooking Pages in action….Take One

Notebooking Pages has a NEW Style & Name!!

Say Hello to “Productive Homeschooling”....

Aloha Kakou! (Hi Everyone)

We are officially off and running in our homeschool routine. Given that its only been 3 weeks I’m not sure if it’s an “actual” routine yet. Anyways, it has been a huge adjustment since I now have one child in private school and two in homeschool. But, we are finding our rhythm. 

The main goal of our homeschool is not to just be instructive but productive while enjoying the process of learning. The most rewarding thing as a homeschooling Mama has been to see my keiki enjoy and take pride in their lessons. 

My hope is that my keiki learn to become life long learners who aren’t afraid to teach themselves and love learning for the sake of learning.  

Notebooking pages (Now Productive Homeschooling) help to foster these aspects of our homeschool through the flexibility and richness of the pages the provide. I’m looking forward to seeing my girls’ end of year binders, but until them I’m loving the process along the way. 

Check out the video below for information on the NEW and Improved “Productive Homeschooling” (aka-Notebooking Pages)

Aloha & Blessings on your journey!


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