Gearing up for Hurricane Hector and the Start of Homeschool

Hurricane and Homeschool a coming…..

The beginning of the school year also signals the beginning of hurricane season, (for those of you that don’t live in Hawai’i and may not know). Taking his cue, hurricane Hector began his journey west across the Pacific Ocean. Currently, as I write this post; Hector is a category 4 hurricane; located approximately 735 miles ESE of the Big Island of Hawaii.

We spent the day before yesterday stocking up on emergency supplies and homeschooling supplies(affiliate link). The stores were crazy with shoppers who were doing the exact same thing we were. I must say it has been a very eventful year here on the Big Island. I hope things quiet down soon, but until then we just stay prepared, have a plan, and hope for the best.


~ Gearing up ~

Homeschooling supplies with a couple First Aid kits. Rock and Mineral kits can be found here (affiliate link).



Today’s the day…

Monday, August 6th, 2018 is our official start date on our homeschool calendar. In retrospect, it went rather well and we were able to get almost everything on our schedule completed. We even had time to gather more supplies and clean up around the house.

Although things have been very busy in preparation for Keaka attending Kamehameha Schools; I’m thankful that I made time to prepare in advance for our homeschool year. Had I not done this I don’t think our homeschooling would have started today. Don’t get me wrong, I can still be pretty spontaneous and flexible, but it just works for me to have a game plan with homeschooling.

The most surprising though was how eager my keiki were to get started. I had given them their planners last night and filled in some of their assignments too. When I got back from dropping Keaka at the bus stop my two youngest daughters were up and ready to get the day started. I was soooo relieved that I had my plan in place; we sprang our homeschooling into gear, thus began our journey for the school year.

As the girls worked on their assignments I continued with hurricane preparations. The huge shifts in our family’s rhythm have not had a negative impact on our homeschooling. In fact, I feel it has given me a renewed commitment to my homeschool mission.


Message from Hawai’i County Civil Defense…..

At 12 noon we were officially notified that we are under a “Tropical Storm Watch”. Meaning we could see damaging winds, surf, and flooding rains within the next 48 hours. All projections take Hector’s track south of the Big Island, however, this hurricane like all hurricanes will do what it wants.



Hurricane Hector
Screenshot of update

Hurricane or High water, Homeschooling will continue…

These types of events throw into sharp focus the fact that regardless of what Mother Nature has planned; we are able to continue learning from the safety and comfort of home (unless we need to evacuate…lol! I hope NOT! I’ve done that once already this year.)

None the less, we are preparing for the worst while hoping and praying for the best. To all my fellow Hawai’i and Big Island homeschooling Ohana. Stay safe! And blessings on your journey, wherever it may take you! love