Our Community in Lava land chaos

Welcome to the Big Island of Lava!

Home to Lava land!! And all its chaos…

So it’s been almost 3 months since Lava land opened up in the lower east rift zone of our Kilauea volcano. Our community has truly been rocked to the core, however, I’m grateful that no one has been killed. Unfortunately, there have been some injuries as a resulted from the lava, but no lives lost.

Furthermore, there is still uncertainty along with housing issues that still affect our community. Now with school starting it’s going to be another shift as families strive to get their keiki prepared for the upcoming school year. We were fortunate that my Mother-in-law opened her home to us and we didn’t need to evacuate to a shelter. My heart aches when I think about the countless Ohana who were not as fortunate.

FEMA has also had to relocate to a smaller facility. They were originally housed at a gym at the Kea’au High School campus, but yet again because the public school will be back in session within a few weeks they had to move.

Volcanic Activity
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The New Weird Lava Norm…..

Although we may have settled into a new routine, I wonder about the other families. How or when will things get back to the way they were? Will it ever be like how it used to be?

Every day I receive updates about Halema’uma’u crater collapsing and sending shock waves that equal at least a 5.0 magnitude earthquake. Just the other night I felt an earthquake ( 3.9 magnitudes). People closer to the crater feel hundreds of tremors every day. My new norm every morning now is to check my phone for updates on the lava flow and the crater collapsing.

In the beginning, when it first started we could hear the explosions from my Mother-in-law’s house. Now, not so much. The night sky is always an eerie orange color that serves as the backdrop to black billowing clouds of volcanic gases.

Yet, we all soldier on every day because this has become our new norm.

Showing some Lava…

Most importantly, amidst the chaos, there have been great champions in and for our community. Our everyday heroes have volunteered their time and resources and pulled together to assist those in need. A huge Mahalo to everyone who has helped and continues to help our fellow man during this turbulent time. I personally want to thank the UPW (United Public Worker) Union for assisting my Ohana through Union funded programs. They have truly been a blessing during our time of need. I would also like to thank the Balancing Monkey-Yoga Studio for the free classes they blessed me with; when I needed them most. Until next time….. Aloha a Malama Pono oukou!