Mardel’s “A Simple Plan” Planner ~ Product review

A Simple Plan, Planner for Homeschooling Families…..

Okay, right from the get go, let me just state that I personally do not believe homeschooling is simple. However, I love that this planner helps to simplify things for me. It is awesome to find products that you can easily customize to suite your family’s needs. There was a bit of a learning curve, but once I got over that (which was quick), it’s been smooth sailing.

I was originally using an online platform/planner, however it became too cumbersome to log-on every time I wanted or needed to work on my keiki’s schedules. It was a struggle, but like my Mama always told me, “what doesn’t kill you, will only make your stronger”.

I don’t recall how I found Mardel’s “A Simple Plan” planner, now that I think about it. That’s a little disturbing….lol!! Oh well! I found it and it is here to stay. Until my keiki are no longer homeschooling or I find something else that suites our homeschooling needs better.


A few key features I love….

First of all is the cover, I love that they change their artwork every year. This makes it easier on the teacher and the student to know from a far if that is the current year’s or prior year’s planners and keeps things pretty. There are also pockets inside the front and back cover that I also find useful.

Second lovely feature that is the MOST crucial to any homeschooler is the actual planning section. A Simple Plan has supplied us with a view of two full calendar years. That way I can plan without having to find next year’s calendar, this is a great time saver.

In the planning section you will also have sections to put your students’ weekly schedule, subjects, curriculum list, and yearly overview by subject. In addition you have enough sections to add 6 students (if I counted correctly).

The monthly schedules take up most of the room and that’s where we track our assignments. Each month is clearly labeled on colored tabs with the month and year written out. This area however starts in July and ends in June of the following year.

Last but not least at the back of the planner they provide record keeping sheets to track attendance and curriculum. This is helpful if you need to report your child’s attendance or if you want to reference all the curriculum in one area. You can also track the cost of things if you live in a state that allows you to claim your homeschooling expenses on your taxes. Unfortunately Hawai’i does not offer this great incentive, but that’s a whole other matter for another time.



Lava Mama Luvz….

In closing, if you’re looking for a planner I would recommend this planner from Mardel for all the reasons stated above. Also, I forgot to mention that they offer a Student planner that pairs well with the Parent/Teacher planner. I’ve found that my two older keiki utilized it more, but I always get one for my youngest so she could start to learn to utilize her planner as we progress. Thanks for reading my post! Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or would like to share your favorite planners. Until next time~ Have a blessed journey!love