Pohoiki Adventure ~ Veteranʻs Day 2018

Pohoiki Adventure Veteranʻs Day Holiday ~ 2018 Previous Next Expect the unexpected with Mama at the helm… The day started off with our normal routine, but me being me with my adventurous streak and spontaneous ideas; our days can often veer off the beaten path. Itʻs nice to still have that spontaneity every now and … Read morePohoiki Adventure ~ Veteranʻs Day 2018

5 Tips to Start your Homeschooling journey TODAY!

Homeschool tips

Let the journey begin… I call homeschooling a journey or an adventure because that is what it truly is. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to homeschooling. Aside from the ones imposed by laws according to your state. I’m not here to talk about homeschooling styles or curriculum, or even planning. The … Read more5 Tips to Start your Homeschooling journey TODAY!