Why I love Notebooking Pages

The Versatility of Notebooking Pages….

Let me count the ways….

When I first started homeschooling I was lost. Lost in the curriculum fog forest, lost in homeschooling style land, yup lost. It took countless hours to figure it all out, but when I finally did I still needed a way to organize and create worksheets that didn’t entail running to the internet every 5 minutes.

Thankfully I found my way to the Notebooking Pages website (affiliate link). After using their freebies, and loving it, I signed up for the Lifetime membership.

It has been one of the best investments into our homeschooling that I’ve made. One of the few investments that has been used through out our three years. In fact, I’m currently building lessons for both my girls for this upcoming year with my Notebooking Pages.



What’s to love?

I love that it allows me the freedom to pick and choose from hundreds of pre-made pages to complement the various topics we are learning. Although I may not use it exactly how they suggest, it makes no difference. Unlike other curriculum sets Notebooking Pages are meant to be extremely versatile. Unit study, supplemental, you name it. I’ve even used it when custom making math worksheets.

The main thing I love about it though is that you can use any, and I mean any book, curriculum, or teaching style. You can customize it before assigning work, or just print it up and let your keiki have at it. When I’m in a rut, it has been an awesome resource for lesson ideas.

I could go into more about what or why I love my Notebooking Pages, but I won’t. I encourage you to find out for yourself at Notebooking Pages (affiliate link).

Have a blessed homeschooling journey! Until next time!love